Smooth Danger

by Grand Pianoramax

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released October 15, 2010

Leo Tardin: grand piano, Fender Rhodes, K-Station, harmonium, Phillichorda
Dominik Burkhalter: drums

Special Guests:
Black Cracker: spoken word, vocals (tks 2, 6)
Mike Ladd: spoken word, vocals (tk 8)
Karsh Kale: tabla (trks 2, 6)

Keanan Evers, Michele Locatelli, Johannes Saal, Leo Tardin: sound design

All music composed by Leo Tardin except tks 3, 5, 8 by Keanan Evers & Leo Tardin. Arranged by Keanan Evers and Leo Tardin except tks 4, 9 arranged by Michele Locatelli & Leo Tardin.



all rights reserved


Grand Pianoramax Switzerland

Grand Pianoramax can be considered a "supergroup" which balances three strong musical personalities, each possessing outstanding mastery of their craft: the acute lyricism of Leo Tardin's keyboards, the immediate intimacy of Black Cracker's dark poetry and the thunderous yet razor-sharp drums of Dom Burkhalter. The virtues of this rare alloy illuminate the eleven tracks of their latest opus. ... more

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Track Name: Sleepwalk (ft. Black Cracker & Karsh Kale)
Sometimes I see you in my dreams
standing right here
no fear next to me like gravity
You be heavily on my mind, all the time
like confetti smiles and hands wine-drenched in it
This blood
this flood of halos hovering golden
over the rainbows of humanity's sweet heaven scent

This kiss of bliss
the deadly scent of gifts
this life more strife than breath
from death to dust
off the glitter of the moon
With laughter we shatter the day
consumed clown costumes we stay
our nightmares blown so far away
living unearthed so our dreams decay

spike covered
spite numbered
sunrise slumber
untested flesh
so we forget to rest
our fortunes thrown away
but these storm clouds never stay
stagnant the lightning plays
harmonies in tune with the Sun's delicate rays
'Cause we are much more than this


We are much much more than this
Fingertips kissed by moonlight
We gon' all dance tonight
And laugh up at the moon

'Cause we're much much more than this
Fingertips kissed by moonlight
We gon' all dance tonight

so I saw you the other day
covered in prisms,
the awkward rhythms of night lights dancing
away their sorrow in the reflection of tomorrow's broken glass
so I borrowed a kite
and rode it into the shallow shadows of humbled, hollow hysteria
mascara hearts
I am scared of ya, huh?

No I am scared to blush
Our courage be out to lunch
I am scared of living less
much, much more than death
Dead pupils nothing but a bone left
Homeless cardboard flesh

I see you every time I close my eyes
And think that we are better than this
Better than hopelessness
Better than fingerprints curled to fists
Lips chapped, blissless
Caressing time capsules unraveled
We are better than broken bones
And broken homes

'Cause this agony should be burial ground
'Cause we are cave spirit rekindled
the thunders cry of hunger
And the juvenile smiles of miles
But still many more to come

We are windows paned
The untamed wind waiting for the sky to fall
Spring summer
These days are numbered
But our energy radiates infinitely
So come dance with me
'Cause we are much more than this
We are much more than this

(Chorus repeats to end)
Track Name: Roulette (ft. Black Cracker & Karsh Kale)
Our spines like match books
and false photographs
so I rewrite dimes
in the pockets of hooked fists

Strife shook humanity
ducks and goose
press luck
like red button bombs
and short tempers

Some say simple confusion
This dyslexic contradiction
Like chicken and eggs
how the hell did we get here?

We dwell in mystery
so, sell me hysteria
of what shall my bumps fear?

'Cause earth spins like quarters on tables
laundromat lifetime sorting colors and whites
train myself to ignite
train myself to ignite

Whiny pits, some say prune politics
shriveled sympathy
the passion of clovers
and one wish wonders

We are years before our comprehension
So this pavement stay courting my breath
death all comic and lottery
So I scratch off this skin

Like night
vision beyond
holes and milky ways
like solar sadness

'Cause my love stay more wet dog
Than roses, guns, and megadeath
Thru the teeth of fleas

'Cause earth spins like quarters on tables
Laundromat lifetime sorting colors and whites
my worth lends spikes on tracks
train myself to ignite
Track Name: Domestic Bliss ft. Mike Ladd
Not only did the goldfish know jujitsu
The cat knows taekwondo
Roaches are kickboxers
The dove above the kitchen window
Are extreme fighters: no gloves, no shoes
They bleed;

I seen 'em from my shell-shock wheelchair
Next to my co-combatant
Holding hands, we are on a hospital ship
And it will be a long cruise

Let me go back to the beginning
In a trench
Probably me that lit the cigarette
That gave me away
And then the ensuing barrage

Four hundred guns for every mile
Fanatical commander's yelling "fire"
For me the end of the bed,
Duck around the crib, the kitchen table
Behind the couch...

Domestic bliss!
Tra la la la la!
Domestic bliss!
La la la la la!

Imagine Sarajevo and Beirut
Both burning in the same two bedrooms
Claymores around the pots and pans
Punji stakes on each side of the bathroom(?)

And it's a machine gun alley run each morning
To the sink, brush teeth, think what not to say
In order to make it in one piece that day

And it's just the two of us like malevolent tribes
More the European kind, too much comfort
But indulging in the loss of lives
And like all conflict, civilians are the children
Parents are the villains
No matter if it's a square meter flat
Or nation stating the intimacy of violence.

Throwing tantrums like soldiers throw grenades
Me and wife struggle to shed the children inside us
'Cause the child we made is rightfully out of patience
He has no use for Arc Lights, air strikes
He needs applesauce and boobs
He needs a stress-catcher for a dad, as does mama
So assume the positions

No the sex wasn't even written in the dossier
Long gone in the echo of propaganda
That started the whole campaign:
Get married, eat good food
Have great sex whenever you want the poster said;
Change diapers
Wipe snot while in raw, subconscious, spinal-tapping
Arguments is what we got instead

No shit! Roll up the sleeves and work it out, battle it out
through snap words and grouch:
"Oh my God you hate my mom!"
"Oh my God I'm not as strong as you thought!"
"Building pillars, give me time to build!"
"We are two pillars about to give!"
"Grab the kid!"
"Was that you that left the bomb in the microwave or me?"
"Duck and cover 'cause the blast is comin' down in showers
and no more helicopter's on the roof!"

The dust settles
Martin is still here
He has claimed the space between us
And helped us decide our place

Just below the black smoke clouds, there is a patch of blue
And our second child shows up, like a prophet or guru...
That's too much weight.
More likely, me and wifey cleared our plates of mess and I'm
Brushing off sand from the sandbox in 1973
Throwing out the Tonka truck with cutting rusted sides

And wife has wiped up all the spilt milk
And her mother's stains of wine
We look around and see we are in one piece
Two beautiful kids, official;

And yes, this is as good as it gets, amid the massive sea
There is nothing left to cling to but each other, as they say
So we do
And home feels as good as it ever will
This time before
And we will make it here
As good as any spot where dystopic and bucolic meet.

And the goldfish and the cat
Are still trained for combat
Everyone knows where to run for cover
But we all know
That wars and battles end
With luck, and love, and labor

We can forgive, not forget,
and remain.